sarah whitney

violinist & educator

  A moment captured from 2016  BEYOND THE NOTES  with guest cellist,  Laura Metcalf.

A moment captured from 2016 BEYOND THE NOTES with guest cellist, Laura Metcalf.

BEYOND THE NOTES, founded by Sarah Whitney in 2015, is an interactive concert experience that gives the audience a chance to get to know and learn about the performers beyond what can be read in their bios. Musical performances are combined with conversational vignettes as well as the chance for the audience to write down questions which are chosen at random throughout the evening. Following the concert, all unanswered questions are answered on the BEYOND THE NOTES website. 

Too often there is a barrier between the audience and the performers when the audience knows little about the musicians they are watching. The mission of BEYOND THE NOTES is to change that dynamic because getting to know the musicians on stage can significantly change the listening experience.  

Currently presented in the Boston-area, BEYOND THE NOTES presents a new guest artist every year. We are thrilled to enter our third season and I'm very excited to be joined this year but my good friend, pianist, and Yamaha Artist, Natalia Lavrova on February 3, 2017! Click here for full details!

For full information, please visit the BEYOND THE NOTES website here!