Feeling stuck in your career?

Not sure what the next steps should be?

Feeling overwhelmed and can’t ever seem to get everything done?

Looking to take your career to the next level but don’t know where to start?

I hear you and I have totally been there.

After three degrees in music, I figured I’d know exactly how to have a successful career. But in reality, there was so much I didn’t know.

Even after years of being in the field, I was confused by my dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, and lack of clarity about what I was doing with my career.

I have since learned how to take control of my career.

I’ve worked with top coaches and consultants in the business and have gained confidence in my decisions, know how to take action and am more productive than I ever have been.

The work I did had such a huge impact on my life that I now coach others to be their very best selves and help them achieve the results they want to achieve!

I provide guidance with the most essential skills for musicians so that you can reach ambitious personal, artistic, and financial goals.

I will help you get rid of overwhelm and frustration and turn it into empowerment and productivity.

“I reached out to Sarah for advice and inspiration on how to take my career as a performing clarinetist to the next level. In our meetings, Sarah was thoughtful, creative, and supportive. She gave me concrete, actionable advice and I have seen tangible results from our work together. I’m grateful to Sarah for her generosity, knowledge and expertise.”

—Yoonah Kim, clarinetist & winner of the 2016 Concert Artists Guild Competition

what productivity consulting will help you with

As your productivity consultant, I will design a customized game plan based on your specific needs and challenges.

Highly productive people don’t get there by accident. There are proven methods and strategies that help people get more done.

I will teach you how to:

  • do better work in less time

  • achieve stress free email management

  • shift your mindset to get past obstacles

  • set realistic goals and consistently reach them

  • effectively and strategically promote yourself

  • make your website the most effective

  • counter burnout and establish your ideal work/life balance

  • gain control of your career

  • clarify your vision as an artist

"Working with Sarah was an amazing experience. She has an uncanny awareness of how to connect with an audience and gave me excellent, personalized suggestions for developing my professional website. She has a keen eye for detail and followed up to check on my progress. I highly recommend her!"

- Dara Hankins, cellist, IRIS Orchestra Fellow


Productivity consulting is a customized solution-focused process to help you clarify what you want, identify obstacles that get in the way and teach you how to be the most efficient and effective.

Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in something that we thought we wanted and now don’t know how to get out of. And even if we DO know what we want, sometimes we have trouble knowing how to get there.

As a consultant, I will help clarify your vision and keep your eye on what’s important. In order to get ahead, efficiency is key and we have to learn how to do better work in less time. I will provide guidance with time management, business skills, marketing tactics, efficiency, email mangement, tools to help you overcome challenges and mindset shifting tactics so you can achieve what you want to achieve.


It’s not that some people have them, and others don’t.

I will teach you these methods and tools. Improved performance begins with self awareness, building confidence and learning how to call the shots and I’m here to help you do that!

“Sarah’s accessible and open personality help artists understand the challenges professional musicians face and she is an incredible resource in helping artists think about how to achieve a sustainable career.””

— Dr. Nathan Ziesler, Career Development Officer at The Colburn School

My philosophy on productivity

I believe there are three important pillars of productivity that are essential for a musicians wellbeing and success. As your productivity consultant, I will help you achieve balance in all three areas.


  • time management tools

  • effective business skills

  • doing better work in less time


  • keeping our bodies in the best physical condition so we can perform our best

  • establishing work/life balance to prevent burnout


  • learning how to shift our mindset in order to get into the headspace to get our best work done

“In working with Sarah, I felt she helped me figure out the best path to my goal. I love how she customized her plan based on my needs and I was inspired to take ownership on my career!”

- Eugenio Figeueroa, viola, IRIS Orchestra Fellow


Are you :

  • a recent graduate looking for guidance in the real world?

  • a seasoned professional feeling unfulfilled and wanting guidance in your career?

  • a musician happy with how things are going but looking take your career to the next level?

I work with musicians of all ages that have a desire for change and are looking to take their careers to the next level.

Why am I a productivity consultant?

Seven years ago I encountered some serious hand injuries that, in many ways, stopped me dead in my tracks both professionally and personally. I was faced with terrifying uncertainties about my life, both physically and mentally. The journey from then until now has taught me more than I could have ever imagined, making the past few years transformative in ALL areas of my life. These experiences catapulted me into a world of personal and career development and have made me passionate about sharing and teaching this information to others.

Where do consulting sessions happen?

I’m happy to meet in person in NYC or do sessions over Skype or Facetime. I also do Talks and Workshops on these subjects and if you’re interested in having me come to your school, institution or festival, please check out my Talk and Workshops page for more info!