“It was such a pleasure to hear Sarah lead thought-provoking discussions with artists about creating a sustainable career as a part of the Young Performers Career Advancement program in New York City. Sarah’s accessible and open personality helped participating artists understand the challenges professional musicians face and she is an incredible resource for those interested in helping artists think about how to achieve a sustainable career.”

- Dr. Nathaniel Zeisler, Director of Community engagement and Career development

"Working with Sarah was an amazing experience. She has an uncanny awareness of how to connect with an audience and gave me excellent, personalized suggestions for developing my professional website. She has a keen eye for detail and followed up to check on my progress. I highly recommend her!"

- Dara Hankins, cellist, IRIS Orchestra Fellow

“I reached out to Sarah for advice and inspiration on how to take my career as a performing clarinetist to the next level. In our meetings, Sarah was thoughtful, creative, and supportive. She gave me concrete, actionable advice and I have seen tangible results from our work together. I’m grateful to Sarah for her generosity, knowledge and expertise.”

- Yoonah kim, cellist, 2016 concert artist guild winner

“Working with Sarah, I felt she listened to what I want to achieve. She helped me figure out the path to my goal, I appreciated how she customized her plan based on my needs. I was inspired to take ownership on my career!”

- Eugenio Figeueroa, viola, IRIS Orchestra Fellow