5 things I can't travel without : secrets to performing my best on the road

I spend about 30% of my life performing on the road. Ever since my injury, I’ve become hyper aware of how my body needs to feel to perform my best. Here are 5 things that help me that I won’t travel without:

1.) Tennis ball

I don’t have a masseuse that travels with me (yet), so it’s up to me to keep my muscles in good shape while on the road. I have lots of tension in my neck and shoulders from playing and from the world being a little too short for me. #tallpeopleproblems Having a tennis ball on hand is a life saver - I can work out kinks and keep my muscles loose by rolling my shoulders or back on a wall.

2.) ThermaCare Heatwraps

I notice a direct correlation between my body temperature while playing and my muscle health. In warmer climates, the air conditioning can be fierce and these heat patches work wonders! If I’m cold, I will put one (or two) on my lower back which heats up my entire body. *I find the “neck, wrist & shoulder” are the best size - the ones for the back are too big.

3.) Electric Heating Pad

Sometimes the greenroom is cold even when the stage is not! It’s great to have this backstage to make sure extremities are warm in a pinch. Also, if I need to practice in a cold room, I’ll sit or stand on it in my socks! This heats up my body instantly.

4.) Pashmina Scarf (even in the summer!)

Plane temperatures can be unpredictable so I always travel with a lightweight scarf that can double as a blanket to keep me warm. I can also roll up the scarf and use it as a lumbar back support, making long flights more comfortable.

5.) Nextstand Laptop Stand

It’s inevitable that I have to keep up with admin while on the road. I noticed my neck getting very tight after using my laptop so I recently acquired this stand and wireless keyboard. It’s been a total game changer! The stand is collapsable, weighs only 8 ounces and allows me to keep my laptop at eye level.