Talks & Workshops

Sarah gives talks and workshops on topics related to career development, business skills, and making positive life changes.

Current talk and workshop offerings:

An interactive workshop that takes a 21st century look at the why, the what and the how-to when it comes to speaking to an audience effectively.

  • WHY this so important in today’s music world

  • WHAT audiences actually want to know and respond to

  • HOW to create effective stage presence when speaking

  • WHAT to say and HOW to say it

“Change of a Lifetime” workshop at Penn State

“Change of a Lifetime” workshop at Penn State

THE CHANGE OF A LIFETIME: Change your mindset so you can achieve the things you want to achieve
Sarah shares her story of an injury and how learning to change her mindset was the cornerstone of her recovery. In this workshop, students will learn how to:

  • shift their mindset to help them achieve what they want to achieve

  • recognize obstacles getting in the way

  • set realistic and achievable goals

WHAT YOU NEED TO GET AHEAD: Business skills for the 21st century musician
Sarah leads a multifaceted career incorporating all angels of what it means to be a 21st century musician. In this workshop, Sarah will use her experiences as a performer, teacher, contractor, artistic director, consultant and entrepreneur to teach students important business skills in order to be successful in the field.

Topics covered include:

  • defining your product

  • creating an effective brand

  • marketing and online presence

  • productivity skills - efficiency is key!

THE PRODUCTIVE MUSICIAN : What we all need to know in order to get better work done

In a successful career, time is valuable and efficiency is key. This session will explore the power and importance of running your music career efficiently, as well as teach tools and tricks to minimize time and maximize results.

Topics covered:

  • time management - work less and get better results

  • outsourcing - spending your time doing what you’re good at

  • skillfully managing email and communication

  • asking for advice


Curtis Institute of Music
New England Conservatory of Music
University of Michigan

Mannes College of Music, The New School
Stephen F. Austin University
Silkroad Global Musicians Workshop
Pennsylvania State University
University of Nevada
Luther College
Samford University
New College
North Carolina State University
University of Wyoming