Overwhelmed by email? A feature in Gmail to help declutter your inbox that most people don’t know about

Do you cringe when you open your email inbox to an unopened message count in the thousands and not know where to start? Feel like keeping up with email is a nagging weight on your shoulders that you can never get ahead of?

There's a feature on Gmail many people don't know exists that has been essential to my email management - the SNOOZE BUTTON!

Yes, it’s as amazing as it sounds. Look for the clock icon in the menu bar! “Snooze” is a feature that allows you to declutter your inbox by hiding non-urgent emails and choosing exactly when they reappear in your inbox. And a decluttered inbox = more space in our brains!

Often we create an illusion that EVERY SINGLE email demands an immediate response. If we are really honest with ourselves, there are plenty of emails that don’t require immediate attention. Fulfilling the obligation to respond to everything can send us down an email rabbit hole, keeping us from doing more important things. Not to mention the feeling of guilt of not being able to keep up. (Hello overwhelm!)

Here are examples of my favorite kinds of SNOOZABLE emails:

1.) An email asking for something that takes more than a quick 1-2 line response, such as availability, tax forms, invoicing, bio, etc. If there’s a deadline given in the email, great! SNOOZE IT to a day before the deadline when it IS urgent. No deadline given? Write a quick reply asking when they need it by. You may be surprised that your response is not needed immediately. Once you have that deadline, SNOOZE IT!

2.) An article you really want to read but realistically won’t have time to look at until after your big concert is over next week. Instead of repeatedly seeing that article in your and feeling guilty about not getting to it, find a day when you will have time and SNOOZE IT!

3.) An email with details for a gig. SNOOZE IT to appear the evening before so you have it fresh in your inbox for reference! This alleviates carrying those details around in your head or the frantic search for that email in your inbox the morning of when you can’t remember the exact address.

By decluttering our inboxes from the non-urgent items we can clearly focus on the URGENT and lessen that feeling that there’s never enough time to get to it all!

Here’s where to find the Snooze feature!

Here’s where to find the Snooze feature!

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