I was skeptical about meditation...but here’s how it helped me more than I could have ever imagined

8 years ago I went through an injury that nearly stopped me dead in my tracks. I was drowning in the negative stigma that surrounds “musicians’ injuries” and filled with anxiety around the unknowns of my career and life (read about my journey here).

Taking care of my mind turned out to be the cornerstone of my recovery and what started it all was my introduction to meditation.

Was I skeptical about meditation at first? Absolutely. It wasn’t a tangible remedy to me and when a friend suggested it, I scoffed.

At that time, I was at a loss. I didn’t have anything to lose, so I found a book about meditation that, at the very least, had received Oprah’s stamp of approval.

From this book, I learned about the benefits of meditation and mindfulness and how practicing it can reduce stress, anxiety and even pain. I also learned that there was science to back it up.

Most importantly, I learned that meditation is not simply about getting to a zen place. It’s about training the mind to maximize focus and presence in the moment.

The anxiety around my injured caused me to hopelessly dwell on the past:

-Why did this happened to me?

-Why can’t I play like I used to?

And constantly worry about the future:

-Will my hands hurt on stage tonight?

- Will I be able to have a career as a performer?

Once I learned how to be present, I was able to stop worrying about the past or future and get to a solution focused mindset. This allowed me see possibility in my life and finally take steps towards recovery.

To this day, I meditate every morning. It’s helped me not only with my recovery, but with my life as a whole. There are tons of benefits to meditation and it’s helped me deal with stress more effectively, perform better, react more reasonably to uncomfortable situations and sleep more soundly.

Yes, I know. It may sound out there. But if you’re curious, I encourage you to learn. When science stands behind something, it’s hard ignore.

Stay tuned for an upcoming post about my favorite meditation apps!