How to recognize a super power you already have

I am thrilled to share my second GUEST POST! Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier is the host of The Mind Over Finger, a highly regarded podcast and blog dedicated to helping students raise their awareness and efficiency in the practice room. She has incredibly mindful ideas and here she shares her secrets for being intentional, fully aware, and feeling free to get as creative as we want in our practice. To learn more about Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier, you can visit her website and find her on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter.


How to recognize a super power you already have

By Dr. Renée-Paule Gauthier

What if I told you about a SUPER POWER that could be a real game changer in your work?

Something that could turbo boost your efficiency and your confidence and that I bet you neglect all the time???

No, it’s not a pill, or a chart, or an app, or a priceless instrument. It’s something YOU ALREADY HAVE!

It’s your own inner voice!

Developing an EMPOWERING SELF-TALK is one of THE most effective ways to DRAMATICALLY transform your work and your life!

Studies prove it: harsh self-judgement is detrimental to our work, our progress and, ultimately, our performance.

It causes physical tensions that negatively impact our ease of movement, and psychological tensions that cloud critical thinking and prevent us from devising effective strategies when trying to solve problems.

Negative self-judgment also keeps us in the past, causing a downward spiral of distraction and self-hatred that continues to affect what we’re doing in the present moment.

Just think how you react when someone starts to be verbally abusive with you. What happens? All sorts of feelings rise – unworthiness, defensiveness, anger, frustration, desperation. Very difficult to do our best work when feeling this way!

I’d like to invite you to tap into the power of self-compassion and develop an inspiring inner-dialogue! Here are some quick tips to get you started:

  • Try to catch yourself in the act and notice that harsh self-criticism is happening

  • Take a breath and go back to the present moment

  • Find a go-to sentence that calms you down and puts you in a positive mindset

  • Focus on keeping an objective point of view by ASSESSING WHAT IS instead of judging and attacking your character

  • Notice the language you’re using and change the negative and abusive words to positive and effective ones

  • If your inner bully keeps popping in, take a quick break, do something that brings you pleasure, and go back to work when your disposition is objective, positive, and encouraging

So, try all this for size, and let me know how it fits!