Optimize for Creative Work - By Jason Heath

Maintaining a musical career takes a lot of creative energy. Here are some tactics I employ nearly every day that ensure I am optimizing for peak creative work.

1. Know your biorhythms

I like waking up early, going to the gym, and making a high-protein breakfast. These two daily rituals set me up for great morning work.

My most complex tasks are scheduled in the morning. This is when I write, record podcasts, sketch out project plans, and practice my instrument.

Afternoons aren’t as creative for me, so this is when I handle my calendar, answer emails, and do work that doesn’t require as much creative spark.

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How I stopped wasting energy trying to be someone I'm not

Writing these bloglettes is definitely a passion project of mine. I love discovering new ideas, researching, writing about and sharing them. But, since I launched this blog 7 months ago, it’s sometimes been like pulling teeth being consistent about writing and posting these.

If this is something I really love doing, why is it so hard for me to get it done?!

For a while I thought that it should be easy to sit down and artfully pump out these little bloglettes in one sitting. After all, it’s ONLY 350 words and I’m writing about subjects that I love! What could possibly be hard about that?

But this wasn’t happening.

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Do nothing. Why adding this to your To-Do list could help you get more done

Here’s something to add to your ever-growing to do list: Do nothing.

Sounds ridiculous, right? But what if this was the one thing that could actually help you get MORE done?

In the 5th chapter of his book Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of LessGreg McKeown discusses why deliberately scheduling downtime with no phone, email or distractions is the most beneficial thing you can do to boost your productivity.

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Take the stress out of email

EMAIL. There’s always a lot of it and it’s so easy to feel swamped.

I recently read an incredible book called "Unsubscribe" by Jocelyn Glei. It’s a clever, quick read about the psychology of email and how to diffuse “email anxiety” so that you can be most productive.

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Why the Productive Musician? And what's a bloglette?!

My name is Sarah Whitney and I'm a professional violinist, teacher, artistic director, career coach and entrepreneur.

To me, the word “productive” encompasses a broad spectrum of topics. The Productive Musician bloglettes will include practical time-saving email tricks, mindset-altering techniques to get into a good headspace, and health and wellness tips. I have found all of these tools essential to my wellbeing as a musician and human being.

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